Taig Micro Mill DRO X-axis Scale
Last updated on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 04:18:19 PM Mountain US Time Zone


Bracket, Scale Mount, Cable Route

This DRO modification has been removed for the
CNC conversion but the information has been
retained for reference.


Drilled & tapped two, 6-32 holes for cap head screws
at the left & right front corners of the table

 to mount the X-axis scale bracket. Milled down
1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" aluminum L-channel for the bracket.

Needed to retain the table lock feature.
Shortened the hard stop 3/8" dowel pin &

tapped it to accept a 10-32 center transfer.
The pin corner is smoothly rounded to facilitate assembly.

Bottom adapter plate for the X-axis scale.
Note the transfer scribe line & set-screw hole.

The hole was reamed to 3/8".

Scale Mount

The unit is bolted together using self-aligning, spherical
washer (pairs) between the scale & L-channel bracket.

The L-channel serves as the scale mount & protects it from impact, fluid & debris.

I have installed rubber washers on all the scale mounts
to allow floating to reduce strain on the transducers.

The RF-25 mill's free-floating Z-axis design works
so well that now all of my mill & lathe scales

are attached at only one end while the other end
remains captured but loosened to allow floating.

This approach greatly reduces minor out of
alignment induced stress on the transducer. This

design also helps to reduce DRO jitter as does a clean,
deburred transducer with NR capacitors.

Cable Route

The hot-glued signal cable exits to the left,
is spiral wrapped & is held down by a

3/8" plastic clamp fastened down by the left,
way cover cap-head screw.

Bracket, Scale Mount, Cable Route