Taig Micro Lathe Digital Read-Out (DRO)
Last updated on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 04:45:24 PM Mountain US Time Zone


Micro Lathe DROs, Milling the Carriage, Brackets,
Alignment, Scales, Analog Positional Readouts

This DRO modification has been removed for the
lathe CNC conversion but the information has been retained for reference.

Micro Lathe DROs

Taig Micro Mill DROs for the Z1- & X-Axes.
Both scales have SPC outputs.

The Z1-axis uses an eight-inch scale. The X-axis uses a
two-inch-range digital gauge (
manual) with a readout to 0.0005".
Its mounting stem is 8mm instead of the US standard 3/8" (9.525mm)
diameter stem. The gauge turns
on & off automatically.
When in the OFF mode, both scales still maintain their
readings & will track movement & zero button presses.

The OFF mode just turns off the LCD to nominally conserve the battery.

Milling the Carriage

The bottom/back of the Taig mill
carriage is rough cast aluminum.

 It needed to be fly cut flat & parallel using
RF-25 mill. Minimal material was removed.


Detail of the bottom with the X-axis bracket attached to
the carriage using two, pre-existing cap-head screws.

These two screws hold the gib in-place. Slightly longer
4-40 screws with washers were all that was needed.

Two, ground down, M3-0.5 screws affix the transducer.
If they are too long they can touch the scale back.

Detail of the Z1-axis bracket top. Two, 10-32 button-head
screws with washers hold the two separate brackets together.

This design helps when aligning the scale & allows a quick
disconnect if I want to remove the carriage from the dovetail slide.

Both brackets are 1/8" thick aluminum. In operation, the
ratcheting-type carriage locking lever hangs down vertically for access.


Detail of Z1-axis scale bracket. Held to the aluminum
base plate with long, 6-32 cap-head screws.

10-32 button-head screws with washers
hold down the OEM scale brackets.

Right Z1-axis scale bracket.  Shims (thin
washers) were used in the final alignment.


The X-scale plunger was precisely
set to be parallel to the cross slide.

Analog Positional Readouts

Micro Lathe DROs, Milling the Carriage, Brackets,
Alignment, Scales, Analog Positional Readouts