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Rong Fu RF-25 Mill/Drill
Taig Micro Mill

Jet BD-920N 9x20 Lathe
Taig Micro Lathe
Metalworking & Misc
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Rong Fu RF-25 Mill/Drill
   Mill/Drill Specifications & Views
        Specifications, Belts Drive, Speeds, Fine Down Feed, Motor, Integral Light,
        Milling Vises, Power Feed, Quill Arms, Machine Mounts
   RF-25 Mill DRO X Y Z Axes & Tachometer
        Mill DRO - Instrumented Mill, Enclosure, Zeroing, Offset Milling, Mount, Red Filter, Daughterboard Upgrade, Quill Arms
        X-axis - Scales, Brackets, Over-travel Switch, Cables, Handle Animations
        Y-axis - Scale Brackets, Scale, Lower Brackets, Cables, Handle Animations
        Z-axis - Scales, Brackets, Scale, Cable Routing, Analog Readout
        Tachometer - Encoded Pulley, Infrared Reflectivity, EO Sensor, Cable Routing, Surface Feet per Minute
   Workholding, Rotary Tables & Dividing Head
        Mill Vise, Indicating a Mill Vise, Parallel Sets, Parallel Separator, Drawbar Tool, Work Stops, Edge Finders, Safety Shields,
        Precision Blocks, Work Hold-down Clamps, Rotary Tables, Rapid Rotary Table Positioning, Fixtures, Dividing Head
   Collets, 5C Fixtures, V-Blocks & Angled Fixtures
        5C Collets, Spin Index, 5C Fixtures, Pin Spanners, 5C Collet Depth Stops,
        5C Lathe Chucks, V-Blocks, Tilt Tables, Angle Plates, Screw Jacks, Dowel Pins
   End Mills & Cutters
        End Mills, Radius Cutters, Engravers, Saw Blades, Straight-shank Arbors, ER-16 Collet Extensions, Fly Cutters
   R-8 Spindle Accessories
        R-8 Collets, ER-40 Collet Chuck, Arbor, Boring Heads, Fly Cutter, End Mill Holders, Drill Chucks
   Coolant Misting System
        Nozzle, Air Supply, Valves, Reservoirs

Taig Micro Mill
   4-Axes Taig Micro Mill CNC Conversion
        4-Axes CNC Micro Mill, Pre-CNC Baseline, Mach3 Interface, Path Tracing Tool,
        Involute Gears, Z-Offset Gauge Animation, CNC Bench
   A Computer for CNC
        Mother Board, SSD, Network, Enclosure, Display Brackets, USB Hub, Cables, UPS, MediaServer 2,
        MediaServer, A Micro-PC, EVGA GeForce 1060, mSATA Slot, Mass Storage, Flight Simulation
   Lead-screw Conversion
        Lead Screws, Split Nut, Anti-backlash Nut Adjustment, Stepper Motor Couplers
   Stepper Motors & Controller
        Couplers, Cables, Stepper Mounting, 4th Axis, Stepper Controller, Dual Control
   Breakout Board, SCHP, Pendant, Tach & Relay Box
        Breakout Board, Safety Charge Pump, MPG Pendant, Spindle Tachometer, Infrared Reflectivity,
        Tachometer Buffer Chip, PropScope, QRB-1114 Based Portable EO IR Reflective Pickup, Relay Box
   E-stop & Limit/Home Switches
        E-stop Switch, Limit & Home Switches, Cables
   4th A-axis CNC Rotary Table
        Bracket, Stepper Motor Mount, Indicating, Tramming Animation
   Mach3 Setup
        Mach3 Interface, Mach3 Mill Menus, Stepper Motor Tuning, Mach3 Turn Menus
   Motor & ER-16 Spindle Upgrades
        ER-16 Spindle, ER-16 Collets, Locking Levers, Drill Arbor, Low-speed Countershaft,
        High-Speed Pulley, Motor Mount, Tachometer, Indicator Mount
   Vises for Small Mills
        Mounting Brackets, Work Holding Examples, Parallel Sets, Adjustable Work Stop
   Aligning a Taig Mill Vise
        Indicating Animation, Vise Alignment & Clamping, Solid-Jaw Indicating, Vise Bed Indicating Animation
   Manual Rotary Table
        Initial Alignment, Tramming, Part Setup Example, Rotary Table Alignment Bracket,
        Vise Attachment, Brackets, Miniature Toe-clamp Sets
   Tooling Plate
        Bolt Pattern, Tapping, Alignment Pins, Clamping Fixtures
   3D Digitizing
        3D Digitizing Probe, Digitizing Movie
   Taig Mill DRO X Y Z Axes & Tachometer
        Taig Micro Mill DRO, Scales, Enclosure, Red Display Filter, Mounting Brackets, Cabling, DPU-550 Daughterboard Upgrade
        X-axis - Bracket, Scale Mount, Cable Route
        Y-axis - Carriage Modification, Scale Brackets, Cable
        Z-axis - Scale & Brackets, Cable
        Tachometer - EO Sensor, Encoded Pulley, Infrared Reflectivity, Surface feet per Minute
Jet BD-920N 9x20 Lathe
   9x20 Specifications & Views
        Design, Jet BD-920N, Specifications, Belts, Gears, Gear Ratios, Lathe Machine Mounts
   9x20 Lathe DRO X Z1 Tailstock DRO Axes & Tachometer
        9x20 Lathe DRO - 9x20 Lathe DRO, DRO Wall Mount Bracket, DPU-550 Daughterboard Upgrade, Lathe Work Light
        X-axis - Brackets, Scale, Alignment, Cables & Mechanical Linkages
        Z1-axis - Bracket, Alignment, Mechanical Linkages & Cables, Low-cost Z1-axis Travel Dial
        Tailstock DRO - Tailstock DRO, Digital Scale, Scale L-bracket, Finger Bracket, Return Spring, Scale Zero, Display Angle Plate
        Tachometer - EO Sensor Placement, Cable, Surface Feet per Minute
   9x20 Lathe Variable Speed DC Spindle Motor
        DC Spindle Motor, Motor Mounting Bracket, DC Variable Speed Controller, Dynamic Braking,
        Timing Pulleys & Belt, Cutting Performance, Safety Guards, Control Group
   Compound Bracket & Angle Plate Jig
       Solid Compound Bracket, Compound Angle-Plate Jig, Jig Alignment Animation,
       Taper Angle Measurement, Compound Bracket Archive, Compound Pivot, Annular QCTP Spacer
   Quick-Change Tool Post & Tool Bits
        Quick-Change Tool Post (QCTP), Tool Bit Types & Shapes, HSS, Brazed Carbide, Carbide Insert Tool Bits,
        Tool Bit Holders, Carbide Insert Cutoff Tool, T-bar Cutoff Tool, Tool Bit Height Gauges, Storage, Surface Feet per Minute
   Cross slide, Compound, Carriage & Feed Gears
        Lead Screw & Nut, Bracket, Handles, Compound Upgrade, Tension Bars,
        Adjustable Carriage Stops, Feed Gears, Half-nut
   Tumble-reverse Gear
        Baseline, Gear Bearings, Gear Carrier Plate, Adjustable Travel Limits,
        Detent Mechanism, Tumble-reverse Movie, Plastic Drive Gear
   Collet & Jawed Chucks
        5C Collet Chuck, Keys & Bars, Chucks with 5C Mounts, ER-40 Collets & MT3 Chuck, MT3 Collets,
        4-Jaw Chucks, 3-Jaw Chucks, Total Indicated Readout, MT3 End Mill Holders, MT3 to Taig Adapter
   Lathe Mandrels & Arbors
        Mandrel Set, Specifications, Using a Mandrel, Expanding Arbors, Tapered Lathe Mandrels
   Centers, Drill Chucks, Arbors & Accessories
        Centers, Tailstock Chuck, Follow Rest, Steady Rest, Faceplate, Dogs, End Mill Holders,
        Drill Chucks, Arbors, Floating Reamer Holder, Tap Holders, Die Holders, Turret, Wedges
   Locking & Tramming the Tailstock
        Tailstock Lock, Set screws, Handles, Tailstock Tramming, Tramming Animations
   Boring Bars
        Boring Bar Sets, QCTP Boring Bar Holder, Sleeve Adapters, Boring Head in Tailstock,
        Boring a Plastic Part, Boring Bars
   Ball Turners & Knurlers
        Ball Turning, Ball-turning Fixture, Material Setup, Part Removal, Micro Ball Turner,
        Knurlers, Mini Knurler
   Tool Post Grinder
        Tool Post Grinder, Simple Mounting Bracket, Single Point Dresser, Grinding, Pivoting Bracket, Air Micro Die Grinder
   Single-Point Threading
        3-Wire Method, 60 deg Center Gauge, Thread Cutting Reference, Retractable Tool bit Holder,
        Lathe Gears, Gear Ratios, Thread Indicator, Thread Micrometer, Thread Gauges, CNC Threading
   Retractable Tool bit Holder
        Retracting Tool Bit Animation, Exploded Views, Modular Tool Holder,
        Bronze Camshaft with Aluminum Knob, Assembled & Mounted Holder
   9x20 Lathe Spindle Motor E-stop
        E-stop, Switch Wiring, Upgraded Lathe Control Group

Taig Micro Lathe
   Taig Micro Lathe CNC Conversion
        CNC Micro Lathe, X-axis Lead Screw, Z-axis Lead Screw, Stepper Motors, Spindle Motor Pulleys, Tachometer,
        Spindle Index, Limit Switches, E-stop, QCTP, CNC Threading Movie, Machine Work Light
   Spindle Motor, Mount & Jackshaft Pulley
        Lathe Motor, Belt Tensioning Animation, Motor Plate Lock, Motor Switches, Jackshaft Speed-reduction Pulley
   Micro Lathe & Micro Mill Accessories
        Chucks, Soft Jaws, Steel Jawed, Vises, Collets, Centers, Tool Posts, Cutoff Tool Post, ER-16 Spindle Adapters,
        Compound Slide, Die Holder, Jacobs Chucks, Milling Attachment, Miniature Toe-clamp Sets,
        Riser Blocks, Steady Rest, Tailstocks, Ball Turner, Arbors, Grinding Wheels, Wood Turning
   Tramming the Taig Tailstock
   Tool Posts, Boring Bar Holders & Locking Levers
        Rocker Tool Post, Handle Upgrades, Tool Posts, Cutoff Tool Post, Tool Bit Height Gauge Quick Change Tool Post,
        QCTP Tool Bit Holders, Boring Bar Holder, Boring Bar Sets, Eccentric Tool Holder
   Taig Micro Lathe DROs
        Micro Lathe DROs, Milling the Carriage, Brackets, Alignment, Scales, Analog Positional Readouts
   Lead Screw with Split-Nut, DC Motor Drives
        Split-nut Animation, Exploded View, Nut Subassembly, Carriage Modification, Split-Nut Mounted on Carriage,
        Bearings & Lead Screw, Lathe Z1-axis Motor & Clutch, DC Drive for Taig Mill
Metalworking & Misc
   Layout Tools
        Layout Tools, Levels, Scribes & Automatic Center Punches, Layout Fluid, Precision Gauge Blocks, Surface Plates,
        Surface Gauges, Height Gauges, Transfer Punches, Transfer Screws, Protractor, Optical Protractor, Machinist Calculator
   Precision Mensuration
        Definitions, Surface Plates, Indicators, Comparator Stands, Z-Offset Gauges, Depth Gauges, Height Gauges, Universal Gauge,
        Inside Diameter Gauges, Pin Gauges, Runout & Bore Gauges, Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Test Indicators, Coaxial, Indicator Holders, 
        Thread Gauges, Angle Meter, Angle Gauges, Radius Gauges, Infrared Thermometer, Tachometer, Sound Level Meter, Scales
        Mill Vise, Indicating Animation, Drill Press Vises, Tool Maker's Vise, Screwless Vises,
        Sine Vises, Bench Vise, Bench Vise Animation, Soft Jaws, Pin Vises, Hand Vises, Anvils
   Sine Vises, Bars & Plates
        Angle Calculations, Sine Vises, Gauge Blocks, Sine Bars, Sine Plate
   Drill Presses & Chucks
        Mill Drill, Floor Drill Press, Drill Chucks, Z-axis DRO, Indicating 1, Table Work Stop, Table Clamp,
        Drill Press Vises, Toe-clamp Set, Super Chuck, Bench Drill Press, Indicating 2, Fence, Machine Work Light,
        Micro Chucks, Miniature Drill Press, Dremel Drill Press, Hand Drill, Micro Push Drill, Mortising Attachment
   Drill Bits, Countersinks, Reamers & Counterbores
        Drill Bits, Left-hand Drill Bits, Long Boy, Silver & Deming, Tapered Shank, Metric, Drill Bit Gauges, Sharpeners,
        Center Drill Bits, Stepped Drill Bits, Circle Cutter, Countersinks, Reamers, Floating Reamer Holder, Taper-pin Reamers,
        Counterbores, Engraving Bits, Combo Drill-Tap Bits, Diamond Wheels, Wood bits, Masonry Bits
   How to Drill a Hole & Deburr
        Scribing, Center Punching, Drilling, Countersinks, How to Drill the Center of a Rod,
        Edge Finder, Drilling a Rod, General Deburring, Edge Deburring, Corner Deburring
   Tap & Die Threads, Reference Tables & Hardware
        Tables, Drill-Tap Sets, Tap-Drill Chart, Thread Measurement, Hand Tappers, Tap Handles, Cutting Fluids, Tap & Drill Guides,
        Tapmatic 30X, Quill Bracket, Die Holders, Fastener Types, Imperial Bolt Markings, Metric Bolt Markings, Hardware, Bolt Torque

   Bench Grinders
        Bench Grinder, Grinder Chuck, Polishers, Jigs, Pedestal Feet, Wheel Dressers,
        Diamond Carbide Grinder, 2x42-inch Belt 6-inch Disk Combo Sander
   Sheet Metal
        Shear Animation, Gauge, Gauge Table, Shear, Press Brake & Slip Roll Tool, Slip Rolls, Tin Snips
   Broach Cutters

        Broach Cutting Set, Broach Holder & Shim, Bushing, Cutting
   Band & Abrasive Cutoff Saws Plus Raw Materials
        Band Saw, Blades, Saw Tables & Miter, Table Fence, Auxiliary Vise, Handles,
        Wheels & Machine Mounts, Abrasive Cutoff Saw, Raw Materials, Cutting Acrylic Sheet
   Die & Hollow Punches
        Die Punch Sets, Hollow Punch Sets
   Stirling Engines
        Stirling Engines, Double-acting Steam Engines

        Gear Wheel Designer, Deadbeat Escapement, Involute Gears, Mach3, Gearotic Motion, Involute Gear Cutters,
        Range of Cutters, Basic Gear Formulae, Module Tooth Dimensions, Common Clock Trains
   Pens, Wine Bottle Stoppers & Miscellaneous
        Pen Body, Pens, Arbor Press, Wine Bottle Stoppers, Turner's Cube, Component Stand
   Pendulum Clocks
        AutoCAD, Plastic Mill Table Cover, Path Tracing Tool
   Router Table & Saws
        Router Lift Animation, Router Table, Router Lift Jack, Table Locks, Bit Changing, Saw Gauge
   Hand & Power Tools
        Phillips Screw Drivers, Slotted Screwdrivers, Small Screwdrivers, Pliers Cutters Specialty, Hammers,
        Punches, Chisels & Hooks, Imperial Wrenches, Metric Wrenches, Socket Sets, Hex Wrenches, Wire Strippers & Crimpers,
        Clamps, Files, Planer, Air Tools, Corded, Cordless, Impact, Generators, Jump Starter, Saws

   Books on Machining, CNC, Projects & Engineering
   3D Printing
   Manuals, Tables & Schematics
   Cameras & Equipment
        Leica IIIf, Nikon F2, Light Meters, Nikon Z8, Nikon D850, Afrika, Nikon D500, Nikon Accessories,
        Nikon APS-C DSLRs, Carbon Tripods, Mini-Tripods, Fluid Base Monopod, Carbon Monopod, Tilt Head,
        Ball Heads, Pan-tilt Head, Fluid Pan-Tilt Head, Gimbals, Bubble Level, Carrier, Binoculars, Wx, Astrophotography

   Personal Safety Equipment
        Full-face Visor, Safety Glasses, Flip-down Magnifiers, Shields, Breathing Filter, Hearing Protection,
        Anti-fatigue Mats, Outlets, Leather Gloves, Shop Vacuum, Macie the Golden Retriever, Zoe
   Disclaimer Notice
   Who is Alan R Pinkus?
        Abridged Curriculum Vitae, Degrees, US Patents Issued, Publications, US Patent 5,070,239
        IC-7300, Power Supplies, Auto-Antenna Tuner, Antenna Anlyzer, Remote Software, Digital Radio

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Rong Fu RF-25 Mill/Drill
Taig Micro Mill

Jet BD-920N 9x20 Lathe
Taig Micro Lathe
Metalworking & Misc