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Drilling a hole through metal is one of the most basic
machining tasks. However, there are many interacting

variables associated with successful execution thus
requiring careful consideration of: the material to be drilled,

setup rigidity, bit design, bit material, sharpness,
length, RPM, feed rate, chip removal, heat, & lubrication.
A rigid setup is also a consideration.

Drill bits, Reamers & Counterbores
How to drill a hole tutorial.
Guide for Cutting Speeds & Feeds for Drills

Machinist Calculator

Metric & Inch Equivalents
Inch to Millimeter Conversion Table
Millimeter to Inch Conversion Table
Decimal Equivalents of 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, 64ths
Decimal Equivalents of Letter Size Drills
Decimal Equivalents of Number Size Drills
American Standard Pipe Thread & Tap Drill Sizes
Tap Drill Sizes For Fractional Size Threads
Millimeter Tap Drill Sizes
National /Unified Coarse/Fine Thread Dimensions & Tap Drill Sizes

CAUTION: Always clamp the piece to the table before drilling.
Do not hold by hand.
Standard drills will grab
soft metals like brass, lift the work piece, even with
a small vise, & dangerously spin them at high speed.

Clamp or bolt down the part. Assure that the drill
press head & table are locked onto the column, too.

Using a mill with a clamped part & fine down feed is a
safer method to drill soft metals.
Wear Eye Protection  

Rong Fu RF-25 Mill Drill

The DRO-equipped Rong Fu RF-25 mill is also an
excellent drill press. It is massive, rigid, precise,

powerful, has a 110 to 2600 RPM speed range, &
is equipped with a large (75 lb), strong,

high-clamping pressure milling vise. A wide variety
of precision work-holding fixtures are available.

R-8 Accessories   Mill Accessories   Drill Bits

An R-8 mounted Super Chuck
" ~ 5/8" or 3mm ~ 16mm)
turning at high speed on the RF-25 Mill.

Two parts are secured in the mill's vise with
small clamps. Short, stiff,
stub drill bits used.

An aluminum holder for spare imperial & metric hex wrenches.
The 1/4" top plate helps guide the keys to the bottom plate.
Both plate holes have heavy champers.

The feet have felt pads. I could have 1/4-24 tapped the top plate.

Floor Drill Press

speed, 16.5" swing, floor-standing Jet drill press.
The low, 200 RPM speed is good for drilling

larger holes. Its uses a removable MT2 (Morse taper) to JT3 chuck arbor.
This type of arbor arrangement
 allows mounting the Jacobs ball
0" ~
1/2" (0mm ~ 13mm), Super Chuck. The low-cost chuck arbors
come in a large number of size combinations allowing
adaptation of
almost any chuck to a given spindle.
An adjustable work-stop peg fits into a table slot.
Refer to the
Jet JDP-17 drill press manual.

16 speeds: 200, 290, 350, 430, 500, 580, 640, 720,
800, 870, 1440, 1630, 1820, 2380, 2540, & 3630 RPM.

A 1/64" to 3/4" capacity keyed
drill chuck with a JT3-MT2 arbor.

This large chuck is 2.95" in diameter
(Taiwan) & can hold large-shank reamers.

The arbor eject access slot in the floor drill press is
exposed by extending the spindle & rotating the chuck.

Arbor ejection wedge.

Drill Chucks

Thirteen drill chucks of various sizes &
arbors in a wooden holder.

 I have no rusting issues using wooden stands.
See additional information on
Drill Chucks.

Never use a taper-mounted chuck without
a drawbar if side forces are being applied.

Side forces can cause a taper-mounted chuck to loosen &
spin-off at dangerously high speeds causing injury. 

Use Jacobs wedges in pairs to
remove chucks from their arbors.

Drill Press Z-axis DRO

Installed a scale onto the large floor drill press
spindle while retaining the Jet's depth stop gauge.

Two-inches of the eight-inch scale were hack-sawed
off & the end diamond ground with radii corners.

The top end free floats like the
RF-25 mill Z-axis modification & will retract via the spring.

Eight-inch scale supplied with adjustable surface-mounting brackets.

The original aluminum depth stop was
not square so it needed to be milled first.

Sometimes cast parts have angled sides so
they can be easily popped-out of their molds.

A 1/4" plate bracket was made. The M3-0.5 mounting
screws are located in-between the OEM mounting bolts.

M3-0.5 screws hold the scale's
transducer to the stationary bracket.

Now that the mechanical stop is milled square, the
stop nut makes even contact thus making the stop more

robust with increased repeatability. Note the washer
in-between the two stop nuts helps adjustment & locking.

The washer works well enough that I placed one
in-between the adjustment nuts of the bench drill press, too.

The Jet also has a third nut that can hold the spindle
extended to a set depth. It too now has even contact.

Bracket attaches through a lettered, W-sized
hole to the Jet's 3/8-16 depth gauge bolt &
spindle bracket. The scale's original clamp &
screws were retained to capture the scale's end.

The inner corner is radius for resistance to cracking,
like the production mod on an M1 Garand operating rod.

If the M3-0.5 screws are too long they will
touch & interfere with the slide's movement.

Spindle fully extended 4.4" (111mm) travel.
Displays imperial or metric units & zeroes at any location. The

 bottom edge of the transducer aligns with the zero
thus functionalizing the mechanical inch & metric scales.

Indicating 1

Aligning the drill press table.

Alignment animation; sweeping the table.

Table Work Stop

Adjustable aluminum or brass table stop to keep a part
from turning. Place the part or vise against it before drilling.

Exploded view showing the stop's construction.

Table Clamp

Vise-Grip adjustable table clamp.
The clamp foot has a removable rubber boot.

Exploded view of the steel T-adapters & hardened
washers that hold the clamp base securely in the table slot.

The T-adapters keeps the slots from being worn &
gouged by the smaller base under heavy clamping pressures.

Drill Press Vises

Palmgren variable angle drill press vise (USA).
1-1/2" (38mm) W x 1" (25mm) D x 6" (146mm) OAL.
Opens to 1-9/16" max.

Jorgensen No. 1623 drill press table hold-down surface clamp (USA).
Specifications: 3" opening capacity, 1-3/4" throat depth,
9/16" Acme screw, 2000 lb normal load limit, cast iron.

The cotter pin allows quick installation Well made product & easy to use.
A very useful accessory for the drill press that increases safety & precision.

The original table height adjustment (plastic) handle
cracked so a longer aluminum one was fabricated.

Toe-clamp Set

The slots for both the bench & floor drill
require 5/8" T-Nuts using 1/2" studs.

Super Chuck

The imported chucks supplied with most tradesman
drill presses can have a relatively
high total indicated
readout (TIR) & marginal gripping power. 
both drill presses with Jacobs chucks (USA). The Jacobs
Super Chuck is of superior quality having low TIR &
the ball bearing design
affords very high gripping power.

Bench Drill Press

10-inch bench drill press with a upgraded Jacobs chuck.
Drill press exploded diagram.
The magnetic-based work light was
replaced with a fixed-base model.

Five speeds: 540, 880, 1600, 2610, & 3600 RPM.

A heavy duty Jacobs taper JT33 0" ~ 1/2"
(0mm ~ 13mm), keyed chuck on
the bench drill press.
The extra large jaws & key, coupled with high quality,
totally eliminate
d any drill bit slippage.

washer in-between the two stop nuts help adjustment & locking.
Copied from the Jet floor drill press design.

Indicating 2

Indicating the small drill press table.

Alignment animation.

Adjustable brass table stop to
keep the part or vise from turning.


Adjustable drill-press fence; a supplied accessory.

Machine Work Light

An upgraded task/machine work light (USA) for the bench drill-press setup.
It uses up to a 100W (maximum) halogen or incandescent lamp.

Machinists call it "autographing" when one
drills or cuts the machine instead of the part.

Double-walled shade with a finned aluminum heat
sink keep it cool to the touch & extends switch life.

The lamp's head can be directed more effectively than the previous light.
The lamp is used for drill presses, mills, lathes & bench top illumination.
Best shop light I have ever used.

The original base bolts were 1/4-20 which were
also used to bolt the base to the drill-press head.

The hollow head is only 3/16" thick cast iron
so strong, 75% threads were easily tapped.

Now the lamp is very secure when moving the head &
there is no magnet to attract metal swarf.

Micro Chucks   

The picture shows a ViseGrip drill press hold down clamp.
Royal micro-sensitive feed attachment with a
Jacobs JT0 keyed chuck (0" ~ 5/32") for small hole drilling.
Its straight shank is 1/2" in diameter;

overall drill travel is 3/4". Use the highest RPM.
Hold the aluminum ring between your fingers
. It is mounted
in a ball bearing to decouple it from the rotating shaft.
light downward pressure. It has far less drilling
pressure than the drill press rack & pinion.  
internal coil spring automatically retracts the chuck.

Jacobs keyed chuck (USA), 0 to 1/4" (0 to 6.5mm)
with a JT2 - 3/8"-24 threaded arbor.

Jacobs keyed chuck (USA), 0 to 5/32" (0 to 4mm)
with a
JT0 - 1/2" micro-sensitive feed attachment.

precision keyless chuck (Germany),
0 to 1/8" (0 to 3mm) with a JT0 - 1/2" arbor.

Albrecht precision keyless chuck (Germany),
0 to 0.06" (0 to 1.5mm) with a JT0 - 3/8" arbor.

Miniature Drill Press

Variable-speed miniature drill press.
The head is cast aluminum
but the base is ground cast iron.

The column is solid 1.181-inches (30 mm)
diameter chrome-plated steel.

Miniature drill press manual.

Maximum spindle travel 1-9/16-inches (40mm)
Chuck to base distance 8-inches (203mm)
Swing distance 6-1/2-inches (165mm)
Column diameter 1.181-inches (30mm)
Chuck capacity 1/64" ~ 1/4-inch (0.4mm ~ 6.4mm)
Drive system 2-step pulley with 150W variable speed DC motor
Variable spindle speeds (PWM) 0 to 3600 RPM & 0 to 5000 RPM. JT1 taper (male)
Base size 6-1/2-inches x 10-13/16-inches (165 x 275mm)
Headstock & base construction Machined cast aluminum & cast iron
Digital depth gauge (auto ON/OFF) inches or mm
Height 16-inches (406mm)
Weight 27 lb (12-1/4 kg)

The base has two T-slots.

The steel spindle has an auto-ON/OFF digital
depth gauge with 0.0005" (0.01 mm) resolution.

It retains selected units (inches or mm) but
resets to zero after an auto OFF/ON cycle.

When the spindle is extended,
the digital gauge slide is exposed.

The JT1 keyed chuck has a 1/64" through 1/4" capacity.
The spindle runs on multiple, sealed bearings.

There is an adjustable depth stop.
The original set screw was replaced
with a metal adjustment knob.

The DC motor's speed ranges are adjustable
via a pulse-width modulation (PWM) circuit.

Under the cover is a two-step pulley for intermediate
(3600 RPM max) & high speed (5000 RPM max) ranges.

The drill press required several hours break-in period
to achieve its maximum RPM (about 5300 RPM).

RPM varies with belt tension; the higher the tension
the lower the RPM. The round belt eases pulley changes.

Replaced the two, OEM cover-retaining bolts, with
knobbed M5-0.8 x 50mm bolts affording tool-less removal.

The bolt for the adjustable column locking ring was
replaced with a ratchet lever for tool-less adjustments.

A small, X-Y table accessory (Japan) shown mounted.
The knob scales (0.001" resolution) can be zeroed.

Detail of the settable X-axis scale.
The index mark is too thick (even though it's a V-groove).

Attach the table to the base with the supplied M5-0.8
T-nuts then lubricate/check/adjust the both X & Y gibs.

Hold a square to the two bases first for a quick initial alignment.
Align the X-axis using standard technique. The dial test
gauge is indicating off the inner top back edge of the T-slot.

1" precision vise with integrated parallels, attached
to the table using fitted L-brackets. The hardened

vise has six (4 side & 2 bottom) M5-0.8 tapped holes.
Indicate the solid jaw using standard technique.

An example of four, 7/64" diameter drilled holes
having 0.25" depth & 0.200" center-to-center distances.

The two bench drill presses
shown for size comparisons.

Dremel Drill Press

Dremel Moto-tool (395 Type 3) mounted into its aluminum &
plastic drill press fixture. Not sturdy or precise.

Dremel Moto-tool Model 395 Type 3 Manual

A set screw was added to the back of the plastic depth
gauge guide to remove most of the rotational slack.

A collet with chuck being used to hold
a micro-saw blade on a 1/8" shaft.

Three-jaw chuck. Note the shaft
lock for tightening/loosening.

A collar removes to screw-on various accessories.

The right-angle head can be set &
locked at different positions.

Note the hole near the chuck; a 1/8" shaft (any bit)
is inserted to lock the shaft for tightening/loosening.

A router attachment.

A flex-shaft accessory.
The Dremel has a rear hook to suspend it.

There is a hole near the collet chuck; a 1/8" shaft (any bit)
is inserted to lock the shaft for tightening/loosening.

Buffers, cutters, grinders, brushes, drills,
burrs, cut-off wheels, micro-saw blades, sanders.

Hand Drill

Stanley (England) No. 03-803 hand drill.

Drill shown with its accessory handle, attached.

Micro Push Drill

Brass jeweler's 3-1/2" long push drill (India) for 0.2-1mm
micro-drill bits. Free-spinning fingertip end (right).

Mortising Attachment

Jet Mortising Attachment (JMA-581 manual), installed.
Only shown for illustrative purposes.

Mill Drill, Floor Drill Press, Drill Chucks, Z-axis DRO,
Indicating 1, Table Work Stop, Table Clamp,
Drill Press Vises, Toe-clamp Set, Super Chuck, Bench Drill Press,
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Micro Chucks, Miniature Drill Press, Dremel Drill Press,
Hand Drill, Micro Push Drill,
Mortising Attachment