4th A-axis CNC Rotary Table
Last updated on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 04:07:51 PM Mountain US Time Zone


Bracket, Stepper Motor Mount,
Tramming Animation


Made a 3/8" thick bracket to hold the Sherline
CNC rotary table on the Taig table, vertically.

Added a second support bracket for additional
rigidity. A 1/4-20 cap-head bolt secures its base.

Stepper Motor Mount

Added a side bracket with two set screws (with
locking nylon inserts) to aid alignment & reinstalling.

Elongated slots are for 10-32 bolts.

Four steel T-nuts hold it down to the Taig bed.


Indicate the rotary table face by performing
adjustments both horizontally & vertically.

Tramming the 4th, A-axis using
the 4-jaw adjustment method.

Tramming Animation

A-axis tramming animation. Note the degrees scale.
Iteratively adjusted opposing pairs; 0-180 deg & 270-90 deg.

Practice cutting a spline using the 4th A-axis.
3-jaw chucks are not accurate enough for this application.

Sherline CNC rotary table & 3-jaw chuck being using
with their matching tailstock mounted on the OEM base.
Bracket slots were elongated (milled) to provide greater
adjustment range for use on the Taig mill table.
The tailstock can also be adapted for use on the Taig lathe.

Bracket, Stepper Motor Mount,
Tramming Animation