Taig Micro Lathe & Micro Mill Accessories
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Chucks, Soft Jaws, Steel Jawed, Vises, Collets, Centers,
Tool Posts, Cutoff Tool Post, ER-16 Spindle Adapters,
Compound Slide, Die Holder  Jacobs Chucks,
Milling Attachment,
Miniature Toe-clamp Sets,
Riser Blocks, Steady Rest, Tailstocks, Ball Turner,
Arbors, Grinding Wheels, Wood Turning


Left to right & top to bottom: (a) faceplate, (b) standard
Taig 3-jaw with reversible, machinable, aluminum jaws,

(c) 3-jaw scroll with hardened steel, reversible, jaws,
(d) 4-jaw Taig scroll with reversible
aluminum jaws,
(e) 4-jaw with independent, hardened steel, reversible jaws.
The aluminum jaws can be turned to suit your needs.

The depth stop can be used with all of these chucks. 
Taig OEM manual   Lee Valley Taig Lathe manual

1/4" diameter T-slotted faceplate.

3-jaw scroll (self-centering) lathe chuck.

Soft Jaws

Replacement jaws for 3-jawed, scroll chuck.
These jaws fit the 4-jawed scroll chuck, too.

Circle jaws (right) provide increased support
for thin
parts. Machine to suit setup needs.

Replacement aluminum soft
jaws (backside also shown).

Full-circle aluminum soft jaws
(backside also shown).

1/4" diameter 4-jaw scroll
(self-centering) lathe chuck.

-1/4" diameter 4-jaw
(independent) lathe chuck.

2" diameter, 3/4-16 chuck adapter for mounting a
chuck or a Taig collet as a fixture to the mill table.


This is an all steel, 3-jaw chuck but it does not
use a threaded spindle with a shoulder like the Taig.

In order to have it seat evenly, I made a
threaded spacer from a Taig blank steel
The spacer screws on & covers the spindle's shoulder.
I surface ground it to make it extra flat & parallel.

It also has two milled flats for a
7/8" open-end wrench.

Note the threaded, wrench-tightened spacer
between the spindle face & the
Sherline chuck.

CAUTION: the chuck must be clamping
a part otherwise the jaws can unscrew
under motor startup torque & fly outward.

sizes. Note that 1" screwless vises differ &

Sherline tilt table.
Not as accurate as a
sine plate
but less costly & easier to use.


Seven OEM collet sizes, their closer nuts & several blank
collets that have been threaded to help turn down screws.

Collet sizes: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32", 5/16".
These are soft steel that can loose their shape & thus precision.

The ER-16 collets with adapter are the superior approach.
The brass peg is a tool bit height setting gauge.

The stepped aluminum peg is for initial alignment
of the 4" rotary table to the mill spindle.

Centers, Arbors & Depth Stop

Top to bottom: dead center, live center,
original design drill chuck drawbar adapter &

depth stop for chucks. The live center has a
tension adjustment hex screw inside its end.

Dead center is threaded to allow mounting of
accessories like a drill chuck or a
die holder.

Steel 10-32 T-nuts for the Taig lathe & mill.
The bottom thread is incomplete to stop the screw.

Tool Posts

Taig OEM standard aluminum tool post.
hey are easily modified.

An upgraded standard tool post, a modified rocker-style
tool post, a black back tool post & a cutoff tool post.

The black & cutoff tool posts are mounted at the back
of the cross slide. A2ZCNC steel T-nuts are now used.

 The tool bits are used upside down (a rigid setup) thus
two tool bits (both front & back) may be used jointly.

All tool posts have been modified using a (top) steel
/brass washer & a Kipp adjustable ratchet
handle. The stepped bushing rests inside the counterbore.
Lengths of 10-32 threaded rod were used

for bolts. The rods are threaded into the nuts with Loctite.
Cap-head screws replace
d the set screws.

Cutoff Tool Post

T-bar cutoff tool uses the blade upside down at the back side.
The tool works well & blade is easily re-sharpened.

Uses a standard 1/16" x 1/2" x 4" cutoff blade. Designed
to cut from the back with the blade upside down.

Superior to the 1/4" x 1/4" shank cutoff tool bit. All-steel
Tool post has been adapted for the 9x20 lathe.


3/8" steel holder for a 0.083" x 0.3915" x 2.8" HSS blade.

Above: Newer design for the Taig mill ER-16 spindle,
3/8-24 drill chuck arbor with 3/8" shaft .

Below: OEM upgraded Taig lathe chuck arbor.

Taig lathe with drill chuck arbor that threads onto
the spindle nose.
The original design used a drawbar.

ER-16 Spindle Adapters

Adapts 3/4-16 spindle to ER-16 collect chuck.
ER-16 collets have a larger continuous range of
sizes (1/32" ~ 3/8") & are of professional quality.

Highly recommend quality ETM (Israeli) ER-16 collets
over the standard Taig collet set for both the lathe & mill.

+/-0.0015" or 0.003" TIR.

A set of 10, superior, high-precision, ground,
hardened ETM ER-16 collets (Israel).

An eccentric ring locks the collet inside of the nut.

1/32 .0197 ~ .0394 .5 ~ 1
1/16 .0394 ~ .0787 1 ~ 2
3/32 .0787 ~ .1181 2 ~ 3
1/8 .1181 ~ .1575 3 ~ 4
3/16 .1575 ~ .1968 4 ~ 5
7/32 .1968 ~ .2362 5 ~ 6
1/4 .2362 ~ .2756 6 ~ 7
5/16 .2756 ~ .3150 7 ~ 8
11/32 .3150 ~ .3543 8 ~ 9
3/8 .3543 ~ .3937 9 ~ 10

ER-16 Taig spindle arbors both
blank & for 1/2" shank end mills.

Uses a lot of Z travel, though.

Compound Slide
Allows short taper cuts. OEM brass spinner
knob replaced with a pivoting-style knob.

The compound to cross-slide attachment
bracket uses a conically-shaped ring (underside).

It is soft steel that can distort under heavy clamping
so it was surface hardened using Kasenit compound.

Die Holder

Support rod screws onto dead center & holds 1" or
13/16" OD dies. Allows concentric/perpendicular hand

threading on lathe-held rods. Use a bar to tighten/loosen
onto the
dead center & rotate housing during threading.
A MT2 arbor can also be used to adapt
this holder to the 9x20 lathe tailstock.

Jacobs Chucks

1/2" medium duty & 1/4" industrial drill chucks. 3/8-24
thread attaches to spindle using a
drawbar adapter.
Chucks attach to tailstock using the dead center.

Milling Attachment

Allows slotting/milling of very small
parts on lathe; limited range/use/accuracy.

Supplied with low-end milling vise attached.

This vise is not really precise enough for use
on a mill. A
precision vise is essential for milling

Miniature Toe-clamp Sets

The larger toe-clamp set is for the Taig micro mill &
the smaller set is for the Sherline 4-inch rotary table.

Riser Blocks

Spacers used to increase lathe turning capacity
to a 6" swing. Left to right: spindle, tool post &

 tailstock riser blocks. Spindle riser block can be
used on the mill, too. Their use reduces rigidity.

Steady Rest

Supports long thin rods in the middle to reduce
deflection or use to hold parts too long to be held

by the tailstock. 3/32" to 1-1/2" capacity. The three
fingers were subsequently modified to hold bearings.

Milled the opposite finger end flat & tapped it to hold a
3/8" OD x 0.1555" thick x 1/8" ID sealed radial ball bearing.

A 5-40 screw with a small washer in-between the post &
the bearing is the fastener. Only the hub is clamped.

Blue Loctite was applied to the threads. To return
to Taig OEM functionality, simply reverse the fingers.

These bearings were designed to
withstand non-radial forces, too.

The screws ends are below the rod's surface
allowing almost full retraction into the holder.

A similar modification was performed for the
Jet BD-920N lathe's
steady & follow rests.


Obligatory tailstock handle extension; aluminum rod
with a flat milled & two,
SS 10-32 cap-head screws.
Replaced the cotter pin with a piece of turned stainless
steel 1/4 -20 threaded rod.
Kept the (flattened)
threads to function as a gripping surface. A 1/4"
Jacobs industrial quality
drill chuck is shown, mounted.

Sherline tailstock, shown with a dead center, was
adapted for use on the Taig lathe. The bracket holes are

short slots to allow adjustability for tramming.
Modified a Taig
riser block to function as the base.

Use Jacobs wedges in pairs to
remove chucks from their arbors.

Two set screws with locking nylon inserts are centered
under the tailstock body for fine vertical adjustments.

Access for the 8-32 set screw's 5/64" hex
wrench is on the bottom side of the bracket.

Two additional set screws with locking nylon inserts are
positioned on bracket for fine horizontal adjustments.

Once set, the screws allow easy, repeatable (aligned)
reassembly for other applications that use the OEM base.

Sherline MT-0 dead center, adjustable live
center, & adjustable 3/8-24 drill chuck adapter.

Sherline does not precision grind their accessories' MT0
tapers making the fit to the reamed tailstock, marginal.

Drill chuck adapter.
8-32 cap-head bolts with washers past through
oversized holes to allow alignment to the spindle.

Live center.

Ball Turner


An arbor with a 2" x 1/16" slitting saw blade (1/2"
mounting hole), tapped & plain. 3/4 -16 threads

for direct attachment to spindle. Soft steel composition.
Handy & low cost, so buy a lot of them.

Grinding Wheel Set & Arbor

Wood Turning Accessories

Two different sized spurs & cups (dead centers).
A faceplate with three holes for wood screws.

The centers are removable.

Faceplate with L-brackets.
Use screws to hold the wooden part.

Dove-tail bases clamp the lathe bed. 
Taig Lathe manual.

Adjustable tool rests for turning wood.

Small lathe wood turning tools #1 through #8.

Chucks, Soft Jaws, Steel Jawed, Vises, Collets, Centers,
Tool Posts, Cutoff Tool Post, ER-16 Spindle Adapters,
Compound Slide, Die Holder  Jacobs Chucks,
Milling Attachment,
Miniature Toe-clamp Sets,
Riser Blocks, Steady Rest, Tailstocks, Ball Turner,
Arbors, Grinding Wheels,
Wood Turning