Stirling Engines
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Stirling Engine, Double-acting Steam Engine

Stirling Engines

A Stirling "coffee-cup" engine. Stirling Engines are
facinating devices that I personally find far more interesting
than steam as they are complex, self-contained devices using
more exotic materials, requiring much tighter machining
tolerances, & are thus harder to design & fabricate. Read the
Kilopower article. As an application example, I have used a
mid-wave infrared (MWIR) (3000nm to 5000nm)
imaging system that incorporated a Stirling Engine
to cool its sensor for lowered thermal noise.

Click to see video. Pre-heated base.

pressure/volume graph of the idealized Stirling cycle.

Alpha- & Beta-Type Stirling Engines.

Beta-type rhombic Stirling Engine.








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Double-acting Steam Engines

A double-acting bronze steam engine machined from a rough
The base is red oak with routered radiused edges & rubber
Click on photo for a v
ideo showing the engine running on compressed air.
Both a mill & a lathe are needed for this project. A problem with kits is that the
amount of material per part is minimized making it harder to grip when machining,
possibly necessitating designing & machining a fixture, which in general is not a
beginner's project. Also, not being able to hold close machining tolerances may
result in an undesirable "wobbly looking" vibrating flywheel rotation, (DA).

Stirling Engine, Double-acting Steam Engine