9x20 Centers, Drill Chucks, Arbors & Accessories
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Centers, Tailstock Chuck, Follow Rest,
Steady Rest, Faceplate, Dogs, End Mill Holders
Drill Chucks, Arbors, Floating Reamer Holder,
Tap Holders, Die Holders, Turret,


Top to bottom: Skoda (Czech Republic) MT2 live
center, MT2 dead center & MT3 dead center.

he smaller centers are for the tailstock &
he larger center is for the lathe spindle.

High accuracy (+/-0.0001") triple bearing CNC live
center with a heat-treated tool steel extended tip (USA).








Point Diameter










1110 lb.

An MT2 live center with multiple
interchangeable tips (Taiwan).

Bull nose range is for 1/2" to 1.2"
ID cylinders. Excellent for tubes.

Proper center drill bit depth to
accommodate lathe tailstock center.

Add a dab of grease to a dead-center
point. Also see
drill bits Section.

An MT2 live center bull nose.
Range is
1/2" to 2-1/2" ID cylinders.

Tailstock Chuck

1-13mm drill chuck mounted on a center
bearing & MT2 arbor for use in the tailstock.

It rotates with the part, like a live center.
Supports small diameter work where
a live center is not practical.

Can also be used for rotary broach cutting.

Using a hex tip & the live center chuck to steady
a very short bolt held in a collet at
30 RPM.

Follow Rest

A follow rest keeps long, thin parts from
flexing under cutting pressures.

It is bolted to the carriage.
Capacity is
1/4" to 1

This part is shown for illustrative purposes only

Pocket-cut each tip with a 5/16" end mill to hold a
3/8" OD x 0.1555" thick x 1/8" ID sealed radial ball bearing.

The axle is a press-fit (to the bearing hub) dowel pin.
Radiused the pointed finger tips first.

Steady Rest

Use a steady rest to hold/machine the end of a part.
It is bolted to the lathe bed rails. Capacity:
1/4" x 1
Bearings were subsequently used at the tips for lower friction,
higher gripping pressure, & increased accuracy.

This part is shown for illustrative purposes, only.
1/2" rod is held in the lathe spindle.
Before the addition of bearings,
note how the fingers marred the part surface.

Changed from roll pins to press-fit (into the bearing's hub)
1/8" dowel pins. The holes were precision reamed.

These bearings were also designed to withstand non-radial thrust forces.

A similar modification was performed
for the Taig Micro lathe's
steady rest.

Delicate plastic steadied without marring.


Jet OEM aceplate mounted & the
MT3 center inserted into the spindle.


Various types & sizes of dogs used with a faceplate to
grip & rotate stock being turned between centers.

Top: the tapered center with its dog
are accessories for the dividing head.

A wooden stand for the lathe dogs.

Accessories in a red oak holder: MT3/ER40 collet chuck,
bull nose live center, MT3 end mill holders, arbors,

drill chucks, MT3/Taig accessories adapter, MT3 to MT2 adapter,
live centers for wood, dead centers, die holders.

Wooden holders draw moisture away from the
parts but composite woods can cause rust.

End Mill Holders

MT2 holders for 3/8" & 1/2" shank end mills.
For using end mills or Silver & Deming
drills with 1/2" shanks in the tailstock.

Using a center-cutting end mill
which makes a flat-bottomed hole.

A Silver & Deming drill bit cutting a 63/64"
hole in brass before
boring to 1.000" ID.

Drill Chucks

High gripping power using a Jacob's ball bearing
Super Chuck (0 ~ 1/2" or 0 ~ 13mm)
with an MT2 arbor.
Shown holding a 1/2" stubby HSS drill bit.
See additional information on Drill Chucks.

1/64" to 3/4" capacity keyed drill chuck with a JT3-1/2" arbor.
This large chuck is 2.95" in diameter (Taiwan).

The 1/2" arbor allows mounting in a variety
of ways including a 1/2"-MT2 end mill holder.

Other tapers (e.g., JT3-MT2 or JT3-R8) are available
but that requires removal & re-install steps.

The large chuck is shown holding a 3/4" reamer
with a 5/8" shank in the 9x20 lathe tailstock.

Chuck with an MT2 arbor.

3JT-MT2 arbor used for the 9x10 Jet lathe.

Chuck mounted in the RF-25 mill holding a 1/2" stub drill bit; 3JT-1/2" arbor. 

Never use a taper-mounted chuck without
a drawbar if side forces are being applied.

Side forces can cause a taper-mounted chuck to loosen &
spin-off at dangerously high speeds causing injury. 

3JT-MT2 arbor used for the 17" Jet drill press.

Drill chucks with JT3-MT2 arbors for either
drill press or lathe tailstock mounting.

Size comparisons among several chucks.

Pin chuck set (# 406-C) with three collet sizes (India).

COLLET SIZE (inches) SIZE (mm)
1 0 ~ 1/32 0 ~ 0.8
2 1/32 ~ 1/16 0.8 ~ 1.6
3 1/16 ~ 3/32 1.6 ~ 2.4
SHANK 1/4 x 1 6.4 x 25.4

Chuck shown holding a 2mm, 4FL,
center-cutting, solid carbide end mill.

A small 0 ~ 1/4" (0 ~ 6.5mm) Jacobs industrial
chuck on a threaded MT2 arbor.
The tang has to be ground off the arbor in
order to obtain the entire tailstock travel range.

Imported keyless chuck (above) can not
take heavy loads e.g., drilling with a 1" bit.

0 ~ 1/2" keyless drill chuck on a JT33/MT2 arbor has
holes on the body to allow tightening with a pin spanner.

 This Taiwan produced keyless is of higher
quality materials & is heavier built.

Thirteen drill chucks of various sizes & arbors in a wooden stand.


Left to right: JT0 to 1/2", 3/8-24
to MT2, JT2 to MT2,
JT33 to 5/8", JT3 to 1/2", JT3 to 5/8", JT3 to MT2,

JT3 to MT3, MT3 to MT2 adapter, 3/4-16 to MT3.
JT denotes a Jacob's Taper & MT a Morse Taper.

All arbors are hardened & precision ground.
I grind the tang off if it interferes, e.g., in the Jet tailstock.

WARNING: Tapered arbors (press-fit) mounts can not
withstand sideways forces unless held in by a drawbar.

These mounts are intended for use in drilling-type operations, only.
Mills & lathes use drawbars to securely hold tapered arbors safely in place.
Typical drill presses using tapered arbors are not suitable for milling-type

 operations. The sideways forces can loosen a chuck
holding a cutter & fall off, spinning at dangerously high speeds.
Adding an X-Y table to a drill press for use as a mill is not advised.

MT2 to MT2 extension.

MT3 to MT2 taper adapter sleeve.

Floating Reamer Holder

Floating holders allow a chamber reamer to
self-align with the barrel.
The floating portion
of the holder has a precision-honed hole that
s chambering reamers with 7/16" shanks.
1/4" shanks use an adaptor bushing.
A set screw secure
s the tool in the holder (Clymer).
Shown are 22 short roughing & finishing reamers,
go & no-go gauges, MT2,
1/2" & 3/8" shanks.

Tap Holders

Smaller tap wrench.

Larger tap wrench.

The micro-tap guide (top) has a hardened, reversible tip.
The pointed end fits into a center drilled tap wrench end &

the cupped end captures/guides the shank end of
the tap, itself. Both have adjustable spring tension.

A Taig spring-loaded center is shown (bottom)
that also works well as a tap wrench pivot.

A spring-loaded guide semi-automatically
adjusts as the tap cuts deeper into the hole.

This tap handle slides on a steel rod & the 1" diameter
handle that does not easily over torque the tap.

The long, precision fitted guide rod gives
good, rigid support & tapping range.

Die Holders

1" & 13/16" round aluminum die holder that slides on
a 9/16" steel rod with a MT2 adapter for the tailstock.

Refer to Machinery's Handbook for the proper
major diameter dimensions for any given threaded rod.

The body is knurled for good grip & the removable
steel bar can be added for more leverage.

Hand use without the bar gives good, low-torque
control for threading delicate parts.

The collar on the left kept the taper out of the tailstock
so 2mm had to be removed to allow full insertion.

The tip on the right was too short to allow proper tool
ejection so a 10-32 set screw extension was installed.

Die holders for threading while the part is
on the lathe. The top holder is for 1.5" dies.


A tailstock turret speeds production.
This turret uses 5/8" straight arbors.
I cut & grind them to length as needed.

Turret drill-tap fixture manual.

A stubby 5/8" to JT33arbor (cut & ground down)
staying close to the work.
This Rohm chuck (from Germany) is a
-quality (0.0035" TIR) industrial chuck.


Use Jacobs wedges in pairs to
remove chucks from their arbors.

Wooden tool holders can help organize the numerous
lathe accessories into a high-density storage area.

Composite woods (e.g., particle board) which have
resin seem to hold moisture & may cause rusting.

Solid woods draw moisture away from the
metal thereby reducing the chances of rust.

 I have no
metal rusting issues when
any of my wooden stands.

Centers, Tailstock Chuck, Follow Rest,
Steady Rest, Faceplate, Dogs, End Mill Holders
Drill Chucks, Arbors, Floating Reamer Holder,
Tap Holders, Die Holders, Turret,