Router Table Lift
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Router Lift Animation, Router Table, Router Lift Jack, Table Locks, Bit Changing, Saw Gage

Not metal working per se but sometimes a project needs a wooden base. A low-cost ($10) router lift that uses a 2-ton hydraulic
bottle jack. Since this router model is spring-loaded for plunge cuts, setting the depth while mounted in the table used to be tedious.

Always wear safety glasses & breathing protection.

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Router Lift Animation

Hydraulic lift animation.

Router Table

A router table mounted onto a work stand. A wooden platform holds the jack under the spring-loaded router.

Router Lift Jack

A self-adhering Teflon pad is on the jack point.

The jack presses against the router. This Dewalt router, Model DW621, has a strongly built motor housing.

The jack lifts the router easily & precisely to set the depth with a gage.
The valve & lever are easy to manipulate by hand. A screw holds the jack in place.

Table Locks

Since the plunge router has a strong spring, the jack can lift the table a little, so two latches were installed.
The table was drilled & tapped for 10-24 threads to accept the eye of the latch. The eye has thread lock on
it & a jam nut. The latches quickly lock & unlock for bit changes. They are located in-line with the bit.

Bit Changing

Bit-changing features are retained.

Note: Remember to unlock the router itself before lifting & do not over jack.
A 2-tom hydraulic jack can easily break the weakest points which are by design, the two low-cost side latches.

Saw Gage

Combination router bit & saw height gage.

Router Lift Animation, Router Table, Router Lift Jack, Table Locks, Bit Changing, Saw Gage