Aligning the Taig Micro Mill & Vise
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Indicating Animation, Vise Alignment & Clamping, Solid-Jaw Indicating, Vise Bed Indicating Animation

The vertical column alignment is adjusted by carefully loosening the rear nut.
Different cutter angles can also be set by indicating the desired fixed-angle plate.

Caution: When
the column is loosened for adjustment, do not allow it to fall to the side. Retighten nut.

Indicating Animation

This style of universal dial test indicator holder gives a broad sweep of the small mill table (animation).
This is indicating the X-axis which is adjustable.

See instructions on how to set tip geometry & see illustration.

To indicate the mill bed, mount a dial test gage in the mill spindle.
 Used a 3/16" diameter adapter that attaches to the end of the dial test gage. It was then mounted in a collet.
 Iterate sides by rotating 180 deg & adjusting (changing by half the difference) the angle of the mill's upright
 support until there are no left-to-right differences. The column is held in place under a nut with a washer.

Vise Alignment & Clamping

Initial vise alignment to the table using a high-precision right-angle square. Other side held by the L-bracket.

Second L-bracket fixed to vise.

Solid-Jaw Indicating

Indicate the solid jaw of the mill vise using the same basic method. A rubber wedge keeps the spindle from
rotating. Run the jaw face (x-axis) left & right, making half the distance adjustments of the vise, until there
are no differences. This vise is +/-0.0002" & the dial test gage scale is in 0.001" gradations.

Aluminum vise brackets did not mar the table but deflected a little.

Indicating the solid vise jaw, animation.

I have now replaced the vise clamps with steel L-bracket milled to the correct dimensions.
It's designed like a toe clamp so there is a small downward angle towards the vise's ledge.
The toe edges have been chamfered. The foot has been diamond ground smooth &
 given radius corners so as to not gouge the Taig's aluminum table.
The brackets hold the
vise tightly, do not bend & no table marring. The brass blocks increase setup rigidity.

Vise Bed Indicating Animation

Indicating the vise's bed, animation.

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Indicating Animation, Vise Alignment & Clamping, Solid-Jaw Indicating, Vise Bed Indicating Animation