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microcosm ~ a small, representative system having analogies to a larger system in constitution, configuration, or development.
This site has over 85 web pages containing 2751 different annotated photographs, 70 animations,
plus 325 reference documents on metal machining tools, tooling, modifications, methods, & projects.
Most of the photographs herein are of newly received shop equipment & tools.
I like prototyping machines, tools, & instruments. Let the metal & plastic chips fly!  Alan
Table of Contents

Photo Gallery

Rong Fu RF-25 Mill/Drill


   * Mill/Drill Specifications & Views

   RF-25 Mill DRO X Y Z Axes & Tachometer

   Workholding, Rotary Tables & Dividing Head

   Collets, 5C Fixtures, V-Blocks & Angled Fixtures

   End Mills & Cutters

   R-8 Spindle Accessories


   * Coolant Misting System

Taig Micro Mill


   4-Axes Taig Micro Mill CNC Conversion

   * A Computer for CNC
   Lead-screw Conversion    Stepper Motors & Controller
   * Breakout Board, SCHP, Pendant, Tach & Relay Box    E-stop & Limit/Home Switches
   * 4th A-axis CNC Rotary Table

   * Mach3 Setup

   Motor & ER-16 Spindle Upgrades

   Screwless Vises

   Aligning the Taig Mill & Vise

   Manual Rotary Table

   Tooling Plate

   3D Digitizing


   Taig Mill DRO X Y Z Axes & Tachometer

Jet BD-920N 9x20 Lathe


   * 9x20 Specifications & Views

   9x20 Lathe DRO X Z1 Axes Tailstock DRO & Tachometer   

   * Variable Speed DC Spindle Motor  

   Compound Bracket & Angle Plate Jig     

   * Quick Change Tool Post & Tool Bits 

   Cross slide, Compound, Carriage & Feed Gears       

   Tumble-reverse Gear

   Collet & Jawed Spindle Chucks

   * Lathe Mandrels & Arbors

   Centers, Drill Chucks, Arbors & Accessories

   Locking & Tramming the Tailstock

   Boring Bars

   Ball Turners & Knurlers

   Tool Post Grinder

   Single-point Threading

   Retractable Tool Bit Holder

     Spindle Motor E-stop

Taig Micro Lathe


   Taig Micro Lathe CNC Conversion

   Spindle Motor, Mount & Jackshaft Pulley
   * Micro Lathe & Micro Mill Accessories

   Tramming the Taig Tailstock

   Tool Posts, Boring Bar Holders & Locking Levers

   Taig Micro Lathe DROs


   Lead Screw with Split-nut, Variable DC Motor Drives


   * Layout Tools    * Precision Mensuration
   * Vises    * Sine Vises, Bars & Plates
   * Drill Presses & Chucks    * Drill Bits, Countersinks, Reamers & Counter-bores
   How to Drill a Hole & Deburr    * Tapping Threads & Reference Tables
   * Broach Cutters    * Band & Abrasive Cutoff Saws
   * Bench Grinders    Sheet Metal
   * Die & Hollow Punches      * Double-Acting Steam Engine
   Gears    * Pens, Wine Bottle Stoppers & Miscellaneous
   Pendulum Clocks    * Router Table Lift & Saws
   Personal Safety Equipment    Disclaimer Notice
   Manuals, Tables & Schematics    * Books on Machining, Projects & CNC

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